Embroided Items

Embroided Items


Once a uniform has been embroidered or tailored, it is not returnable unless there was a mistake on AD Meyers Uniforms part or for a manufacturing defect from the factory.



If the Item needs to be embroidered, Hemmed or Tailored:


Please Note: The BOP mandates that uniforms shirts must be embroidered first initial last name for example: J. SMITH


If you put anything other than the First Initial and Last Name in name box, of any Class A or Class B Authorized Uniform, we will automatically Change it to Federal Bureau of Prison Regulation which is First Initial capital letter and Followed By Last Name, With first Letter a Capital and Balance Lower Case.

Names on Authorized Items such as the Class A and B Polo's and Shirts are free and are accounted for in the processing time given as is the hemming of trousers.



Avoid Delays of non-embroided items:


You can avoid delays of your Authorized Uniform by NOT ordering WITH items that need special embroidery such as a Jacket, Bag, or any Item that is not part of the Authorized Uniform.

If you need your Authorized Uniform within our Delivery Times Stated, Please do NOT Place your order with any other Items that need Special Embroidery. Please place two separete orders in this case.


If you are a New Hire please call in and ask for an expedited delivery and we will do everything to accomadate you if possible.